Like I said in the last Blog on this subject:- Are we? Well, that could well be!

One obvious reason for that is, if we don’t like the job, we know the project will soon be over and we’ll be away the h*ll out of it! Just hope for something better next time!

Now, in offices and other sectors, one thing that makes employees feel uncomfortable is that they don’t feel appreciated by their managers. Construction, particularly commercial construction, is all about time and money.

Managers who don’t appreciate their skilled tradesmen and others on site tend to let their jobs run over time and over budget. So what happens to them? They get fired and someone is brought in to turn things around! That “someone” is usually someone who does appreciate his employees!  Suddenly everyone is happy at work!

Now I do know from experiences earlier in my life that factory and office work can be pretty boring!




The same thing day in, day out! No intellectual stimulation; no relief from the boredom! Made worse if there is a boss who discourages idle chit-chat that helps pass the day! Construction workers can talk to who they like, whenever they like. Even better is that every job is different! Sure, that might mean butchering bits of wood, slapping plaster on something or sticking bits of wire in holes – but different every time!

Now let’s get really subtle about this! Everyone “knows” that anyone having anything to do with construction in the UK is a “cowboy”. We guys in construction think that is a very misguided public perception! We know we build the whole infrastructure around which society operates! Gone are the days when the lady made a home in a cave! We gave you your roads, railways, gas, electricity, hospitals, offices, malls, houses – and everything else! That makes construction workers feel pretty smug when they are out and about!