According to a recent survey (TINYpulse’s 2015 Best Industry Ranking report). Construction workers are the happiest of the bunch!


Are we? That’s a surprise because wandering around a site we usually see a lot of scowls and long faces! Then it occurs to me that it might actually be a good thing! Do that in an office or on a factory floor and we could be in trouble! Disrespectful; insulting to the Boss; HR involved; lousy reference after lives made so miserable we had to quit!

Many is the time I’ve been summoned across by a rude, aggressive guy who has started the conversation with “What the bl**dy h*ll are we supposed to be doing here? Bu**ers a non-starter; won’t work! Idiots that came up with the idea!” Now, being of a practical disposition and realising that the guy is younger, stronger and fitter than I am, and being of a cowardly disposition, I’ve usually invited them to explain the problem they see rather than firing them on the spot!

Embarrassingly for all us certificated sm*rt-arses involved in construction, the rude gentleman accosting me is so often right and his suggestions as to improving buildability and function are spot on (respect the trades!)! I tell him to go ahead and advise all the other sm*rt-arses as to the pending changes!

What that means from my accosters point of view is that he can go home to his wife and tell her about how he made a difference. He can also pass by that project for years and take satisfaction in the fact that he made a serious improvement to it! That would be a very rare thing to happen in an office or factory!

Construction is team work and this guy was recognised as a valuable member of the team! That is one of the things that make construction workers the happiest employees!