First things first, we had better qualify that word “manage”. Day-to-day management has to be done on site. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. However some “management” doesn’t need a site presence if we look at it as “over-management”.

People with that kind of over-sight, on the main and sub-contractors side, would include people like the Contract Managers and Quantity Surveyors based in Head Office rather than on site.Obviously Contract Managers need to visit site from time to time. They need to do that to be able to keep track of progress and obscure things like the morale on site. Good morale is vital to a successful construction project. If morale is good the lads work faster and to higher standards.laptop_guy.jpgNow your poor old Contract Manager has multiple sites on his agenda. He also has loads of things to deal with in Head Office such as supervising Tenders for, hopefully, future business. He doesn’t want to be spending time running around unnecessarily to visit projects that are proceeding apace.

Likewise the QS if he is based in Head Office. He too will probably have several projects he has to keep track of so he can get the bills paid and, more importantly, get paid for work done! He doesn’t want to have to waste time trotting out to several sites to check up on work completed and try to ascertain if the information he has been given by post or e-mail is actually accurate.

There is another reason, too, why these gentlemen don’t want unnecessary sites visits. We muddy-boot brigade don’t like them coming on our sites to snoop and we make them feel unwelcome! If the weather is bad they just sit in our offices and that stops us getting on and dong the daily crossword puzzles in our newspapers!

Now, if they are going to (over)manage the site remotely, what do they need to know? The answer to that question is pretty much everything; memos, drawings, evidential photos, specification changes, adverse weather, letters, people on site, perhaps most importantly progress against the Build Program, and so it goes on ……. Everything! Remember, too, that these people have to initiate things themselves like letters, memos and phone calls.

So how do we manage to create a situation where they can spend most of their time behind their desks, only having to visit sites occasionally to kind of keep themselves included on the project team? Well, come on guys! They have computer monitors or tablets sat on their desks, don’t they? So, in that case all that is required to manage the construction site remotely is the right software!

To the best of my knowledge there is only one lot of software available globally which gives all that information. That is GenieBelt!

Everyone involved in the project, client-side, main contractor and sub-contractors, simply loads their information onto the GenieBelt App they have on their own PC, tablet or even smart phone and that information is immediately available to everyone else involved in the project! All it requires is a decision to be made at the start of the project; “We will all be using GenieBelt on this job!” A very modest, monthly paymentcovers all users!

So that is how you manage a construction site remotelyGenieBelt is perfect for this!