A Daily Report? Don’t be ridiculous, you say! Bad enough having to do weekly ones with all the running around checking progress and typing it all up! Better if Meetings can be staved off to just be monthly ones! Sure, more typing but no more running around than for the weeklies!

But stop worrying! Life has suddenly become simple! Quick and easy, too, courtesy of GenieBelt.

All you have to do is sit at your desk and use your computer to register with GenieBelt. Nothing more required for that than to put in your name, project name and not much more! Once you are registered with GenieBelt you can then just download their App to your mobile phone or tablet – or both!iphone_construction.jpg

Now back to “How to create Construction Daily Report” using GenieBelt:-

Easy, peasy! All you have to do is sit down somewhere comfortable and get a brew in front of you. Pick up your mobile phone or tablet and sit there with your feet up. You have been out and about most of the day checking up on the lads and so on and you will have just happened to notice what progress has been made. Well, what you do now is click on your GenieBelt App. Once there click on a Task that you noticed had made progress. Now just click on the button to up-date the percentage progress made! It is as simple, quick and easy as that! What used to be a major clerical headache is now a quick and easy doddle!

Instantly you have done your “clicking” on a Task it is up-dated on the GenieBelt App of absolutely everyone else connected with the project.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how simple quick and easy it is for you to ……..

Create A Construction Daily Report using GenieBelt