Many is the project I’ve walked onto as a freelance turnaround specialist. Almost without exception the first thing I’ve had to do, after familiarising myself with the job and the people, is come up with a Detailed Programme to Completion (DPC). I always did this by chatting with the subbies involved to see what was actually possible. This approach had the added advantage that it got the guys feeling as if they were involved as a part of the Team.Construction_Management_Software-4.pngNow why were these construction projects running behind programme? Usually because there wasn’t any Programme for anyone to work to! If there was it was just hidden away in the site office! Nobody had a clue about what they were supposed to be doing or when!

Now any outfit using Construction Management Software is prompted to get a da**ed DPC put together (even if you have to kick someone to make them do one!) simply because the software expects to have it there. Then it gets better! That DPC is immediately visible to anyone involved in the project. The subby can say “Oh, look, I have to have 15 men there doing that the week after next”. That is time saved because he doesn’t get a phone call the day he should have been there andthen ends up appearing a week late! Then, because site management is regularly up-dating progress on every Task, the QS can look at it, too. He can rub his greedy little hands together and say “Goody, goody, goody! I can bang in a bill for that lot!” Now admittedly that isn’t time or money saved, but it does keep the cash-flow looking healthy.

That leaves the tradesmen who can look at the DPC. They think “3 weeks to do that? – Bet we can do it in 2 weeks”! No money saved but time certainly is – the project is accelerated f.o.c! Well, actually, money could be saved, too. Much of this and you can get off site early; site overhead costs saved!

We’ll assume the construction software you are using is GenieBelt because that is the only one which incorporates all the other project documentation, okay? GenieBelt = no project paperwork! For the Site Manager alone that saves him about 2 hours a day not having to handle it and get it filed away! It also saves hiring site accommodation to provide space for filing cabinets! The Site Manager can be out and about doing far more useful things which actually accelerate the project and makes sure standards are high. That means a lot less items go on the De-snag List. More time and money saved!

The final time and money saver of using Construction Management Software that comes to my mind, I wouldn’t have liked because it would hit me in my pocket! Saving time and completing earlier means that the poor old site management, if they are employed as free-lancers, means their income are cut off short! I didn’t use to come cheap, so that would have been quite a substantial money saver!