Writing this Blog I cast my mind back to some “wonderful” experiences I’ve had on different sites. One of the best was fitting out a floor of an office block for an American banking client. We’d banged up the walls for the Server Room, the services had gone in and the server modules been positioned and were well on the way to being connected up. Everything above the suspended ceiling had been installed and the ceiling closed up.

During that time the floor support pedestals had gone in for the rest of the office and all the cabling for the desks – power and data – had been laid down. The lads had started to lay the raised access floor panels. The client’s PM appeared on site and went ballistic! It was a “her” and I was threatened with a sexual harassment charge because I grabbed her, picked her up and swung her round. If I hadn’t she’d have been clouted by some data cable trays that suddenly swung round as they came through a door! Anyway, we got that all clarified and I found out why she was in such a state. Apparently there had been a major design change which moved the Server Room to a completely different position and altered desk layout. The design change decision had been made three weeks previously. The documentation, along with revised drawings had been posted to us but had never arrived on site. Why we hadn’t been verbally advised of it I never did find out. In fact I was so flabbergasted I never even thought to ask.

BEST Construction Management Software


These days we are well into the technological era for construction. We use PC’s and tablets and virtually every man on a construction site has a smart phone he is dead slick with! Loads of outfits are coming up with construction software for project management. They all, with a single exception, have severe limitations as to what they do and what they can tell their users. That exception???

GenieBelt! When the team came up with the concept the Genie had definitely been let out of the bottle. I strongly believe it is far and away the BEST Construction Management Software! Its simplicity – even an old fogey like me can use it – makes it an awesome mobile App for construction! It provides everyone, everywhere that is involved in a Project with all the latest and fully comprehensive information instantly! The latest drawings, documents, document control, programme, absolutely every bit of documentation that a construction project requires is on everyone’s PC, tablet or smart phone instantly!


construction project management software

The other almost unbelievable thing about GenieBelt is how CHEAP it is! As low as 20GBP per month for a whole project! Okay, agreed; that can go up for bigger projects but look at it this way. The bigger the project, the higher the cost of all the paperwork! I calculated that total handling time and storage for the paperwork for a £5 million project was over 60,000GBP! That makes the GenieBelt price of 200GBP per month for a job that size pretty attractive! Also, there is free option for one project, so give a try to this project management tool.

P.S. – that office fit-out I mentioned. They were to move in two weeks later so changed their minds about the design change, thank goodness, or we might have been hammered for LAD! Thank you, American construction culture!