Hi, my name is Stuart Howie. I’m a Senior Advisor at GenieBelt. As a quick intro to me, i have built something like 2,500 houses, refurbished 1,500 homes and been involved in 150 commercial construction contracts on which we spent about £5 billion, and of which a 100 were project turnaround roles!

So as you can hear from my intro and as you can see from my grey hair, I have been around the block. 

best construction management software
I met the GenieBelt team a couple years ago and was so blown away by the vision that I agreed to help in anyway I could. Now I think they have come up with a real game changer for this industry and that goes if you are a Contractor, Subcontractor, Architect, Engineer or the Client. In my over 50 years of professional experience I believe GenieBelt is the best construction management software around. 

And if an old codger like me can figure it out. I am sure you can. 
But I know how it is, busy on site or at the office and time flies. If this is the case, then take GenieBelt up on their onboarding course. 
I hope you enjoy using GenieBelt.