product_construction_site.jpgTip 1. – Now I always put this in a daft way and say ”Wear a suit and tie and swan around the site looking important!” What I actually mean by that is making yourself easily identifiable as site management by the dress code, but whilst doing the “swanning around” make yourself accessible and approachable by the skilled trades. Chat with the lads while they’re working. If they come to trust and like you they will point out pending problems long before you’d find out the hard way! If they have any moans, listen and do something about them!

Tip 2. – Swallow your pride! Simply come to terms with the fact that any experienced, middle-aged tradesman knows far more about his speciality than you do! He almost certainly knows more than the Architects or Consultants, too! If there are problems, ask these men! They will almost certainly have the answers.

Tip 3.– Nothing much can happen on a construction site without materials! Before work starts make sure you design a site layout which allows free access for delivery wagons and free movement around the site for the plant. If any plant starts to play up, get it fixed or replaced fast, otherwise work might stop! Keep separate safe pedestrian walkways.

Tip 4 – As you do your “swanning around” make sure that the site is always as safe a place to work as a construction site can be! Men don’t tend to work well and fast if they think they might get injured while they are at it. There is another little twist to this safety issue. “Look for the bloke who is an accident looking for somewhere to happen – and get rid of him!” Do your chatting to the lads properly and they will point himout to you. They want to be nowhere near him in case he involves them in his accident!

Tip 5 – Before you even start on site it is a good idea to know what men, plant and materials will be required and when. Once work does start it is a good thing if you have some early warning of slippage so you can sort that out and complete on time. How do you do that? You have a Detailed Programme to Completion that is updated weekly to show progress! With that Programme everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing and when! The tradesmen love having one! If you can’t produce one yourself, tell your Head Office to da**ed well get you one produced! Planners don’t come cheap but they are a lot cheaper than having to pay LAD because the job finishes late!

So there we go; I could go on for ages on the subject but these are what I’d rate as the 5 Top Tips for a Productive Construction Site.

Implement them and you’ll find that the project finishes on time, to budget and to high standards. The lads will think you are a great site boss and want to work with you again!